Please prepare 16 bars of a song, preferably a show tune, and bring the sheet music.

Character Breakdown

Clara Johnson - Gunner's wife. Co-owner of a bar called "The Bunyan," who's been married to Gunner for a long time. Likeable. Playfully sarcastic, not mean spirited. Above all, she really does love Gunner.

Gunner Johnson - Clara's husband. Strong willed co-owner of The Bunyan. A north woods Archie Bunker.

Bernice Lundstrom - Pretty, young, wholesome, innocent, waitress at The Bunyan. Dreams of going to Broadway.

Kanute Gunderson - Oblivious, dense, harmless, full of himself business owner.

Aarvid Gisselsen Slick - Fast-talking karaoke salesman. A north woods "Music Man."

Trigger Johnson - Gunner's twin sister. Played by Gunner. A forest ranger, Doesn't get along with Gunner. Feminine, likes to hug, the opposite of Gunner. She desperately wants to find a man.

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