The Brady and Partridge families are an assemblage of tragic figures. Two lovely ladies and one man, each widowed at an uncommonly early age. Their 11 children were each stripped of a parent, most before reaching teenaged years. Though smiling on the outside, all 14 individuals are haunted by loss.

But for a brief period in the early ‘70s, there was a joyous respite -- sunshine days when all of life’s woes were resolved within 30 minutes (with occasional 90-minute solutions during picturesque family vacations).

This is not our story.

We join the families just after the ABC Network ceased airing the chronicles of the Bradys and the Partridges. It was a summer when America found itself mired in the scandal of an unlovable president and the aftereffects of an unwinnable war. And it was a summer when these beloved TV families, no longer under America’s watchful eye, met on a collision course in a blood-soaked, vengeance-fueled, lust-filled crossover episode of Shakespearean proportions.

Written by Stephen Garvey

Produced by Tim Yard
Directed by Jeff Smith