How to Apply for Oregon Community Theatre Board Membership:

The following information will explain the process of Oregon Community Theatre Board of Directors Elections. It will help potential candidates understand the election procedures, what is expected of them to apply for a position on the Board of Directors, and what is expected of Oregon Community Theatre to complete the process.

Election Committee
The Board will appoint an Election Committee. This is an ad hoc temporary committee that has the sole purpose to prepare the slate of nominees to be elected, to proctor the election, count the votes that are cast, and provide the results to the Board.

Election Notification
To assist in generating a list of quality candidates, notification of the upcoming elections, the Election Committee, with assistance from the Marketing Committee, will use the following methods of notification as deemed necessary:

The following information will be included to guide potential candidates through the process:

Nomination Submission Process
Potential candidates will be required to submit a formal nomination using the Nomination Form via one on the following methods.

The nomination form includes the following information:

Upon receipt of the nomination form, the Election Committee shall contact the potential candidate, preferably by phone, to provide confirmation of the receipt of the application. At this time the committee will clarify any outstanding/missing information, answer questions and provide the candidate with information regarding election to include date, format and next steps.

Deadline for Application
Deadline for submission of nominations to be included on the formal election ballot will be Sunday, April 4, 2021. After that, nominations will only be accepted on the day of the election from the floor as described in the Election Process below.

Presentation of Candidates to Board
At the Regular Meeting of the Board (April 11th) prior to the General Election (May), the Election Committee will present the List of Candidates to the Secretary and the Secretary will make a motion to accept the List of Candidate. Upon passage of the motion, the Board will authorize the creation for the official ballot by the Election Committee and notify candidates and provide finalized meeting information.

Election Process
The Election Meeting is open to the public however only current members shall be allowed to vote in the General Elections. Candidates are not required to be present at the meeting however it is highly recommended.

The Election Meeting agenda/process will be as follows:

Sequence of Vote

Notification of Results
The results of the General Election will be recorded in the following locations.