2 Year Term (2022-2024)

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all OCT meetings, excluding committee meetings, and carry on the official correspondence. He/she shall keep on file all records and documents not assigned to any other officer. He/she shall maintain an official and up to date version of the Bylaws and Operations Manual and serve as chair of the Records Committee. The Records Committee shall consist of two at least two members plus the Secretary as Chair. It shall be the duty of the committee to provide oversight of the Bylaws for OCT, including interpretation of the Bylaws as needed. It will also be responsible for performing a bi-annual review of the Bylaws and Operations Manual, presenting findings to the Board of any potential obsolete or conflicting content that needs to be revised. Upon the direction of the Board, the committee will be charged with drafting new or updated content to be presented for approval.

Board Member General Duties and Responsibilities

Election/appointment to the Board and remaining in good standing will be subject to following requirements.

All elected officers will be limited to six consecutive years served in the same position. Time spent filling a vacant office will not count toward calculation of term limits.

Community Members are eligible to be appointed six consecutive years. Community members who wish to continue to serve on the Board beyond this time are encouraged to run for office.

After meeting the term limit, a member is eligible to be voted into a different office immediately or may run for the same office after one term.