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Meredith Willson's "The Music Man" is the story of Harold Hill, a fast talking salesman who cons the honest citizens of River City, Iowa into buying musical instruments by promising to create a boy's band. Not knowing a clarinet from a saxophone, Harold attempts to escape with cash in hand, only to be caught by the arms of the beautiful Marian the librarian, and transformed into a respectable citizen... Americana at its best!

Book by Meredith Willson
Music and Lyrics by Meredith Willson
Story by Meredith Willson and Frank Lacey

Directed by Joe Sweeney and Amy Jo Spalding
Choreographer Shirley Brewer
Musical Director Rick Frendt and Darlene Garand
Orchestra Directed by Paul Deal and Tony Zsigray

Show Dates
May 29, 30 and June 5, 6, 1987
Curtain Time 8:00 P.M.


Travelling Salesmen - Ray Mullins
Paul Cunningham
Dean Blanchard
Irv Sanks
Charlie Cowell - Jim Brower
Conductor - Ray Mullins
Harold Hill - James Norman
Mayor Shinn - Richard Garand
Ewart Dunlop - Bert Kaiser
Oliver Hix - Tom Weidner
Marcellus Washburn - Jim Hartman
Tommy Djilas - Fred Garand
Marian Paroo - Mary Johnson
Mrs. Paroo - Ruth Siberson
Amaryllis - Sarah Kowalski
Winthrop Paroo - James LaPlante
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn - Darlene Garand
Zaneeta Shinn - Kandra Cashen
Gracie Shinn - Vicki Sheets
Alma Hix - Jennifer Monaghan
Maud Dunlop - Amy Jo Spaulding
Ethel Toffelmier - Wendy Deal
Mrs. Squires - Nancy Hartman
Constable Loke - Ian McKinley
River City Townspeople and Kids - Barb Sheets
Debbie Obert
Nancy Hartman
Laura Punslan
Diane Cammarn
Michelle Cammarn
Jeff Deal
Paul LaPlante
Jimmy Mickelson
Steve Obert
Keith Kennedy
Ryan Deal
Amy Sheets
Christi Sheets
Lori Willey
Roxanne Steele
Jenny Fuleky
Michele Hayes
Jenny White
Ken Juhasz
Matt Medina
Brass - Scott Siberson
Tom Petree
Craig Kachmarik
G.J. Stuller
Becky Hutchinson
Greg Wulezak
Reeds - Jeanne Kiefer
Eric Tschappat
Jennifer Rounds
Joy Garand
Barbara Mruk
Chris Momenee
Strings - Tony Zsigray
Mary Bennett
Elaine Moore
Betty Foster
Loraine Moore
Percussion - Rick Brimmer
Production Team
Stage Manager - Joan Breier
Publicity - Joan Breier
Assistant Stage Manager - Patti Kasper
Production Coordinator - Theresa Berry
Director Selection - Amy Jo Spaulding
Technical Director - Jim Ten Eyck
Lighting Crew - Marty Limmer
Tammy Limmer
Sound Crew - Terry Robb
Cheryl Robb
Sets and Stage Dressing - Irv Sanks
Stage Crew - Mike Kovacs
Mary Milne
Terry Robb
Sharon Lanz
Dave Lanz
Jack Cunningham
Paul Cunningham
George Hazel
Dick Fitzgerald
Wardrobe Manager - Paul Slovak
Wardrobe Crew - Diane Hess
Julie Dombrowski
Pat Higgins
Penny Johnson
Mary Milne
Norma Ulrich
Kendra Cashen
Nancy Jacob
Make-up Manager - JoAnn Mickelson
Make-up Crew - Nancy Jacob
Rita Ulrich
Mary Milne
Properties Manager - Mary Milne
Properties Crew - Marcia Milne
Karen Lewis
Debbie Lagger
Accompanist - Tony Zsigray
Rehearsal Accompanist - Mary Bennett
Programs - Jane Schnell (Chair)
Sharon Newton
Tickets - Mona Milne (Chair)
Mary Kowalski
Betty Cunningham