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"Damn Yankees" is a funny and heart warming fantasy which pits the Devil against the Washington Senators and a middle-aged baseball fanatic who trades his soul for the chance to lead the Senators out of the cellar into a pennant race with their arch-rivals, the N. Y. Yankees.

When Joe Boyd leaves his loving wife to become Joe Hardy, the baseball sensation of the year, his victories soon pale as he realizes that what he left behind was as important as what he has achieved. With a little help from Lola, the Devil’s vixen, Joe outwits the Devil and returns to the world he left behind - but not before clinching the final game of the pennant race.

Book, Music and Lyrics by George Abbott and Douglas Wallop
Music and Lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
Based on the Novel: “The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant” by Douglass Wallop

Directed by Barbara Kondalski
Associate Director Karol Sheehan
Choreographer Karol Bullock
Orchestra Directed by Tony Zsigray

Show Dates
February 25, 26, 27, 1988
Curtain Time 8:00 P.M.


Joe Boyd - Jim Brower
Meg Boyd - Darlene Garand
Mr. Applegate - Richard Garand
Sister - Carol Deal
Doris - Diane Cammarn
Joe Hardy - Eric R. Collier
Benny Van Buren - George Hazel
Gloria Thorpe - Kimberly Yost
Lynch - Fred Vallongo
Welch - Rick Fouty
Lola - Liane Owed Philo
Miss Weston - Cathy Wolfe
Commissioner - Fred Vallongo
Postmaster - Carl T. Bruno
Radio Announcer - Dave Burkett
Bat Boys - Ryan Deal
Steve Obert
Bat Girl - Cheryl Obert
The Ballplayers
Smokey - Keith Ramsdell
Rocky - Randy Cammarn
Ricardo - Gus Urdaneta
Sohovik - Dave Burkett
Henry - Rod Unsinger
Other Ballplayers - Jacob Toth
Kevin Schnell
Gary Conner
Baseball Fans - Kay Garbers
Patti Kasper
Michelle Cammarn
Ryan Deal
Steve Obert
Cheryl Obert
Sharon Toth
Anne Monaghan
Flutes - Virginia Dickey
Karen Lagger
Sally Vallongo
Candy Kline
Saxophone - Kathy McGrady
Violins - Anne Hendrikx
Elaine Moore
Elizabeth Berg
Trumpets - Tom Petree
Deb Lagger
Piano - Ruth Sibberson
Percussion - Rick Brimmer
Bass - Amy Griffin
French Horn - Terry Robb
Viola - William Dickey
Cello - Gary Brown
Trombone - Brad Kreager
Production Team
Production Coordinator - Theresa Berry
Set Design - Irv Sanks
Set Construction - Irv Sanks
Set Crew - Joan Breier
Bill Hofbauer
Larry Miller
Sandy Brown
Kim Yost
Jim Brower
Melanie Berning
Stage Manager - Mary Sue Milne
Stage Crew - LuAnne McKinley
Dick Fitzgerald
Ian McKinley
Larry Miller
Sandy Brown
Steve Zapadka
Technical Director - James P. TenEyck
Lighting Crew - Marty Limmer
Tamara Limmer
Jim Lorenzen
Diane Lorenzen
Sound Crew - Kaiser Sound
Wardrobe Manager - Julie Dombkowski
Wardrobe Crew - Nancy Jacob
Diane Hess
Karen Lewis
Make-up Manager - Kathy Caudill
Make-up Crew - Jodi Yost
Karen Lewis
Heather Cammarn
Properties Manager - Marcia Milne
Properties Crew - Sue Gaddis
April Hardin
Kim Yost
Publicity - Joan Breier
Rehearsal Pianist - Ruth Sibberson
Program - Jane Schnell
Kim Yost
Tickets - Mary Milne
Maybelle Thompson
Flo Metzger
Nancy Jacob
Program Cover Design - Joan Breier
Program Photographer - Dave Stvartak