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This comedy revolves around a 40-year-old American divorcee who is assisted by a 22-year-old when her car breaks down during a vacation in Greece. Their ensuing romantic interlude changes from a brief encounter to a potentially serious relationship when he turns up on her New York City doorstep... to take her 17-year-old daughter on a date. Finding the attraction between them still irresistibly strong, she must overcome her resistance to a May-December romance while contending with her mother, ex-husband, and a 45 year old real estate client who really loves the daughter.

Adapted by Jay Allen
From a play by Barillet and Gredy

Produced by Tom Dimitrew and Pat Higgins
Directed by Dick Garand

Show Dates
May 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 1991


Ann Stanley - Liane Owed Philo
Peter Latham - Duck Hess
Mrs. Adams - Linda Power
Mrs. Margolin - Ann Porter
Billy Boylan - Eric Collier
Eddy Edwards - Chris Kasner
Maud Hayes - Marge Perry
Trina Stanley - Nancy Littrell
Mrs. Latham - Dory Noble
Mr. Latham - Tom Dimitrew
Pat - Rob Kasper
Production Team
Stage Manager - Patti Kasper
Set Design - Melanie Berning
Set Construction - Chris Kasner
Lights - Marty Limmer
Sound - Tim Yard
Tickets - Vern Overholt
Publicity - Glen Hamilton
Program - John Garand
Kathy Richards
Concessions - Marge Brown
Hair Design - Kevin Haddad
House Manager - Sharon Harrison
Wardrobe Mistress - Leah McCrory
Prop - Marcia Milne
Stage Crew - Melanie Berning
Chris Kasner
Tom Dimitrew
Jim Hightower
Cindi Berning-Pauken
Paul Mihalik
Ron Tucker
Aaron O’Neal
Dave Meyer
Irv Sanks
Jason Kandick
Rick Fouty
Jerry Kowalski
Make-Up - Graziella Dimitrew
Amy Czerniak
Kathy Nowak