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On alternate Friday evenings, eight sisters meet to play bridge and gossip. The first act takes place in 1934; the second ten years later during a Halloween bridge party where each acts out her costume’s persona. The emotionally distraught youngest, who does a hilarious Salome belly dance, has just gotten out of a sanitarium and knows that she must cut the bonds to her smothering family and strike out on her own.

A Play by P.J. Barry

Directed by Dick Garand
Produced by Tom Dimitrew and Pat Higgins

Show Dates
October 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 1990

East Toledo Family Center
1020 Varland Ave
Toledo, OH 43605

Martha (Mrs. Michael McDermitt) - Darlene Garand
Mary (Margaret Donavan) - Donna Wollenslegel
Connie (Mrs. David Emerson) - Miriam Patznick
Nora (Mrs. Lawrence Hiller) - Patti Kasper
Alice (Mrs. Walter Monahan) - Becky Buehrer
Ann (Mrs. John Conroy) - Cheryl Tanner
Lil (Mrs. Peter Carmody) - Ruth Siberson
Betsy (Mrs. Daniel Bailey) - Susan Mulligan
Robert Frost, the photographer - Richard Gee
Production Team
Stage Manager - Heather Cammarn
Prompter - Richard Gee
Lighting - Marty Limmer
Sound - Tim Yard
Set Design - Paul Deal
Set Construction - Paul Deal
Tom Dimitrew
Costumes - Julie Dombkowski
Makeup - Joann Mickelson
Stage Crew - Danielle Mulligan
Tom Dimitrew
Helena Higgins
Props - Diane Hess
Publicity - Jane Schnell
Pat Higgins
Decorations - Pat Higgins
Helena Higgins
House Manager - Pat Higgins
Tickets - Vern Overholt
Program - John Garand
Mike Hollanshed
Kathy Richards
Caterer - Jim Brower