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Tells the story of a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every hundred years, though to the villagers, the passing of each century seems no longer than one night. The enchantment is viewed by them as a blessing rather than a curse, for it saved the village from destruction. According to their covenant with God, no one from Brigadoon may ever leave, or the enchantment will be broken and the site and all its inhabitants will disappear into the mist forever. Two American tourists, lost in the Highlands, stumble upon the village just as a wedding is about to be celebrated, and their arrival has serious implications for the village”s inhabitants.

Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Music by Frederick Loewe

Produced by Tom Dimitrew
Directed by Paul J. Slovak
Orchestra & Vocals Directed by Tony Zsigray
Choreography by Misha Brewer

Show Dates
March 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 1993
Curtain Time 8:00 P.M.


Tommy Albright - Mark Tomesek
Jeff Douglas - Eric Collier
Archie Beaton - Butch Stewart
Harry Beaton - Rick Vaught
Andrew MacLaren - Glen Hamilton
Fiona MacLaren - Cindy Eberhardt
Jean MacLaren - Linda Clark
Meg Brockie - Lora Pheils
Angus McGuffie - Jim Moomey
Charlie Dalrymple - Phil Skeldon
Mr. Lundie - Rick Fouty
Maggie Anderson - Darin Hostetler
Jane Ashton - Amanda Wolfe
Frank - Michael Scott
Chorus - Theresa Berry
Jim Brower
Becky Buehrer
Cheri Deal
Jeff Deal
Mike Deal
Ryan Deal
Wendy Deal
Dinah Henderson
Darin Hostetler
Kay Karrick
Sandra Overholt
Barbara Pasch
Miriam Patznick
Diane Reeves
Irv Sanks
Joan Breier Sanks
Josh Wagner
Rachael Whittey
Dancers - Amy Klepcyk
Melissa Miller
Alisha Peart
Stephanie Trumbull
Bagpipes - Bob Boyd
Bass - Carla Zsigray
Bassoon - Lisa Noble
Cello - Karla Bartholomy
Clarinet - David Romer
Susan Goldstein
French Horn - David McLellan
Flute - Todd Barnhart
Oboe - Betsy Bennett
Ed Bloedow
Percussion - Troy McDaniel
Piano - Gayle McLellan
Trombone - Bruce Heuring
Dean Olah
Trumpet - Mark Kroll
Ron Lang
Tom Petree
Viola - Bernal Koch
Violin - Anna Hendrix
Lee Roka
Molly Malloy
Production Team
Stage Manager - Jeff Hagerdorn
Lighting - Robert Stucker
Marty Limmer
Sound - Russ Grycza
Tim Yard
Props - Patti Kasper
Program - Tom Dimitrew
Glen Hamilton
Tickets - Susan Slovak
Costumes - Theresa Berry
Pat Higgins
Cheryl Deal
Linda Burnat
Julie Dombkowski
Barbara Pasch
Dinah Henderson
Diane Hess
Karen Lewis
Wnedy Deal
Becky Buehrer
Grazie Dimitrew
Flo Metzger
Virginia Keeler
Darin Hostettler
Nancy Raufer
Mike Deal
Publicity - Paul Slovak
Jane Schnell
Concessions - Jane Schnell
Make-up - JoAnn Mickelson
Sonja Harrison
Doris Lafferty
Maria Montez
Grazie Dimitrew
Stage Crew - Chcuk Karrick
Paul Mihalik
Mark Hagedorn
Tom A. Dimitrew
Custodians - Gayle Raser
Pete DeWood
Pat Lesniewski