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Columbus’ discovery of the Americas was not an accident as we would be led to believe. Rather it was a well thought out voyage by one individual who, at a time in history when the mere idea of independent thinking without the church’s permission was heresy, planned it meticulously and carried it out with verve and daring. How he obtained the monies, crewed his ships, made the voyage, and returned to Spain has been a lot of historical speculation up till now. This is the true story of the trials and tribulations of Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella, and the crews of the Pinta, Nina, and Santa Maria.

Book by Jim Hartman
Music and Lyrics by Jim Hartman

Directed by Chris Kasner
Produced by Glen Hamilton
Assistant Producer Tom Dimitrew

Show Dates
October 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 1992
Curtain Time 8:00 P.M.


Christopher Columbus - Rick Vaught
Queen Isabella - Darlene Garand
King Ferdinand - Richard Garand
Alfredo - Glen Hamilton
Maria - Barbara Pasch
Nina - Michelle Crowe
Little Caesar - ChChuck Karrick
Domino - Pete Ueberoth
Marco - Bill Harrison
Antonio - Michelle Lynn
Conchita - Bonnie Koester
Lolita - Dibbie Dippman
Juanitaspan - Nancy Lee Crane
Rosa - Cheryl Deal
Josephina - Darin Hofstetler
Piano - Ruth Sibberson
Drums - Oscar Bernal
Production Team
Set Design - Chris Kasner
Set Construction - Chris Kasner
Stage Manager - Carol Lyke
Lighting Design - Bob Stucker
Lights - Frank Higgins
Patti Kasper
Sound - Pete Davis
Props - Kay Karrick
Program - Miriam Patznick
John Garand
Ticket Design - Glen Hamilton
Ticket Sales - Vern Overholt
Costumes - Julie Dobkowski
Karen Lewis
Publicity - Paul Slovak
Theresa Berry
Jane Schnell
Box Office - Vern Overholt
House Manager - Christine Mannes
Shirley Hamilton
Concessions - Jane Schnell

Produced by special arrangement with
The Author
Jim Hartman