The Kracker Jack Kaper

The story takes place in Frannies Bar which has recently been taken over by the owner's brother Jeff. Because of unpaid debts, Jeff is staging a variety show to bring in more business. Making one of the waitresses the director, Jeff finds himself on a hilarious quest to perform in the show.

The plot thickens when an Inspector arrives on the scene hot on the trail of an international jewel thief.

Written by Liane Owed Lauersdorf and Jeff Smith

Produced by Theresa M Berry and Patti Kasper
Directed by Liane Owed Lauersdorf

Show Dates
April 9, 1994


Theresa - Theresa M. Berry
Jeff - Jeff Smith
Carla - Liz Shehee
Miriam - Miriam Patznick
Tony (Piano) - Tony Zsigray
Bar Flies - Rob Kasper
Diane Hess
Dave - Dave Lanz
Sandra - Sandra Overholt
Ann - Ann Porter
Ken - Ken Grosjean
Don - Don George
Ed - Ed Pulhuj
Josh - Josh Wagner
Sandy - Sandy Dzenis
Inspector Nimrod - Mark Tomesek
Variety Group Leader - Darlene Garand
Wandering Minstrel - Bob Herbst
Shy Singer - Heather Camaron
Magician - Vern Overholt
Flo - Flo Metzger
Nancy - Nancy Raufer
Repair Man - Bob Thompson
O.C.T. Review Group - Audrey Berger
Becky Boroman
Bob Herbst
Sharon Lang
Richard Garand
Bill Harrison
Karen Lewis
Virgina Meyer
Elizabeth Herbst
Bob Thompson
Ed Berger
Soni Harrison
Cheryl Deal
Darlene Garand
Crew of Characters
Stage Manager - Patti Kasper
Set Design - Chuck Karrick
Sound - Richard Lutzman
Lights - Marty Limmer
Props - Kay Karrick

Produced by special arrangement with
The Authors
Liane Owed Lauersdorf and Jeff Smith