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Only Cole Porter and Bella & Sam Spewack could do Shakespeare one better, and this they do in “Kiss Me Kate”, a rollicking version of the Old Bard’s “The Taming Of The Shrew”. A play within a play - - a structure that Shakespeare himself implemented to heighten the comedy in his works. The alluring Spewack and Porter version switches back and forth between the stormy back stage romance and the theatrical onstage antics of a divorced but still in love couple, Fred Graham, the show’s producer, and Lilli Vanessi, his ex-wife ans star.

The troupe comes together in Baltimore in 1996 to try out Fred’s musical version of “The Shrew”. "Kiss Me Kate” exists in virtual realtime as the musical version of “The Shrew” runs parallel to the offstage conflicts of the divorced but still-infatuated Fred and Lilli.

This clever plot calls for the players to have dual roles and thus the couple play the parts of the prowling Kate and swashbuckling Prtruccio “obstage”. The subplot to Fred and Lilli’s relationship is the rocky romance of Lois, a helpless flirt, and her dance partner and incurable gambler, Bill. Lois and Bill’s roles are enlivened by their performances as Bianca and Lucretio “onstage”. To add to the the uproarious delight, two gangsters arrive to collect Bill’s gambling debt but end up as part of the show.

Book by Sam and Bella Spewak
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Based on William Shakespeare’s
(The Taming of The Shrew)

Produced by Paul Slovak
Directed by Paul Slovak
Musical Conductor Mitch Poolman
Vocal Direction by Luanne McKinley
Choreography by Hilary Lindsay

Show Dates
November 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 1996


Fred Graham (Petruchio) - Mark Tomesak
Lilli Vanessi (Katherine) - Cindy Eberhardt
Harry Trevor (Baptista) - Mark A. Harris
Losi Lane (Bianca) - Katherine Thurman
Hattie (Maid to Lilli) - Sara Ledzianowski
Ralph (Stage Manager) - R. Mathew Scarborough
Pop (Stage Doorman) - Brian K. Dauer
Paul (Hortensio) - Ron Davis
Bill Calhoun (Lucentio) - Brock Jaworski
(Gremio) - Richard Clever
1st Gangster - Denny Shere
2nd Gangster - Eric Collier
Harrison Howel - Mark S. Lindberg
Cab Driver - Gerald A. Dauer
Chorus - Cheri Deal
Trisha Fleitz
Marianne Bodi
Becky Buehrer
Kay Karrick
Sara Ledzianowski
R. Mathew Scarborough
Gerald A. Dauer
Jennifer Westrick
Kathy Gerity
Barb Vought
Joanie Kwiatowski
Jill Gregg
Kristy Grycza
Brian K. Dauer
Wendy Deal
Violin - Seth Gangwer
Micah Gangwer
Harp - Denise Grupp
Cello - Scott Radcliffe
Bass - Joe Kelso
Flute - Virgina Dickey
Saxaphone/Clarinet - Dave Romer
Lloyd Lewis
Trumpet - Eric Troutner
Trombone - Larry Twitchell
French Horn - Stephanie Rudick
David McClelland
Percussion - Don Gerschultz
Piano - Carol Coats
Production Team
Set Design - Paul Slovak
Set Construction - Paul Slovak
Susan Slovak
Chuck Karrick
Kay Karrick
Julie Dombkowski
Stage Manager - Chuck Karrick
Rehearsal Assistant - Darlene Denham
Lights - Marty Limmer
Tammy Limmer
Lisa Fox
Sound - Ian McKinley
Bob Stucker
Publicity - Sharon Armstrong
Jane Schnell
Stage Crew - Chuck Karrick
Patti Kasper
Make Up - JoAnn Mickelson
Doris Lafferty
Gloria Fitzgerald
Toni Strohscher
Tickets - Susan Slovak
Program - Glen Hamilton
House Manager - Diane Hess
Concessions - Dinah Henderson
The Choraliers