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Chet Roberts has had it. He’s tired of dirty air, crime in the streets and pollution under his nose in short, everyday living in the city. He moves his family to a deserted California beach city to start a new life as a writer. Imagine his alarm when he learns the only house in the area has been bought by the President as a summer White House. There goes Chet’s peace, quiet and yes, the neighborhood. Chet battles with the Secret Service, nosy tourists and his family and a certain dictator from “over there.” Incidents pitting the common man against red tape are hilarious. When the summer ends and the President and his entourage leave, Chet realizes the experience will make a great novel.

Written by John R. Carroll

Produced by Paul Slovak and Mark Tomesek
Directed by Mark Tomesek
Assistant Director Maureen Sanner

Show Dates
February 19, 20, 21, 1998


Chet Roberst - John Wright
Jenny Roberts - Sally Oberski
Cindi - Heidi Shea
Rick - Mathew Bowland
Jessie - Hillary Owens
Lieutenant Murdock - Jim Shea
Mayor Stiles - Richard Gray
Vivian Carstairs - Dinah Henderson
Salvadore Garcia - Jesus (Gonzo) Contreras
Production Team
Set Design - Paul Slovak
Set Dressing - Paul Slovak
Jim Shea
Dinettes & Patio Plus
Stage Manager - Chuck Karrick
Prompter - Kay Karrick
Props - Kay Karrick
Publicity - Sally Oberski
Jane Schnell
Make-up - Julie Felder
Lighting - Marty Limmer
Mike Fox
Sound - Glen Hamilton
Tickets - Susan Slovak
Program - Glen Hamilton
Concessions - Diane Hess
Patti Kasper