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MGM is putting glamorous movie legend Marian Ames out to pasture, but this is 1944 and no time for self pity. Marian gathers her instrument playing gal pals from the Hollywood Canteen to entertain the troops in London. Her show is a rip roaring canteen extravaganza that features five archetypal film characters from the 1940s singing over 30 vintage classics. Laughs, emotional fireworks and air raids punctuate this hilarious and heart warming musical celebration.

Book by Linda Thorsen Bond, William Repicci and Charles Busch

Produced by Jeanene Lewis
Directed by Darlene Garand
Choreography by Diane Cammarn
Orchestration and Vocal Arrangements by Bob McDowell
Special Material by Dick Gallagher

Show Dates
April 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 2000


Marian Ames - Sara Ledzianowski
Lilly McBaine - Wendy Deal
Jo Sterling - Jennifer (Garand) Crawford
Topeka Abotelli - Cheryl Deal
Katie Gammersflugel - Leah D’emilio
Radio Announcer - Mike Deal
Colonel Jameson - Glen Hamilton
Clarinet - Barbara Bergmann
Bass - Crystal Bollinger
Saxaphone - Joe Philips
Guitar - Wendy Deal
Drums - Jennifer Crawford
Mike Deal
Trumpet - Andrew Feyes
Chris Kiger
Flute - Alexis Bolanis
Pianist - Martha Mcfarland
Production Team
Assistant Producer - Karen Lewis
Director’s Assistant - Rita Dauterman
Stage Manager - Chuck Karrick
Set Design - Jeanene Lewis
Stage Crew - Ernie Bollinger
Jeanene Lewis
Sharon Lanz
Set Construction - Ernie Bollinger
Jeanene Lewis
Sharon Lanz
Lights - Marty Limmer
Tammy Limmer
Sound - Glen Hamilton
Bob Stucker
Steve Ledzianowski
Jim Myers
Props - Miriam Patznick
Program - Glen Hamilton
Tickets - Theresa Berry
House Manger - Sharon Newton
Publicity - Diane Hess
Concessions - Marcia Hayes