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It’s New Year’s Eve at the Perry mansion, and Julia and Matthew Perry seem to have it all. But Matthew wants something more -- to be rid of his wife Julia so he can have some real fun! He resolves to murder Julia by the new year’s end, and tells her so. She vows to stay alive, and tells him so. And so the game begins -- a hilarious year-long match of wits and the witless. While Julia cleverly dodges Matthew’s devious murder attempts, the Perry friends and staff are dying off mysteriously. It seems Matthew is successful in murdering everyone but Julia. As the bodies are falling, dim-witted daughter Bunny contemplates calling off her wedding to unwitting Donald since all the intended gift-bearing guests are dying. Enter Detective Plotnik -- a Sam Spade reincarnation who suspects everyone, but hasn’t a clue. That is, not until Donald stumbles upon Julia and gentlemanly butler Buttram in what Donald mistakenly perceives as a compromising situation. Donald jumps to the conclusion that Julia is the murderer -- trying to murder Matthew!

A Play by Ronald Jay

Produced by Donna Hall
Directed by Jim Hartman

Show Dates
January 18, 19, 20, 2001


Mathew Perry - Mike Gordon
Buttram - Ernest Bollinger
Julia Perry - Lisa Gordon
Bunny Perry - Vanessa Kasper
Donald - Andrew (Drew) Wicks
Plotnik - Gerald Dauer
Maids - Donna Hall
Susan Hall
Production Team
Set Design - Mike Hall
Set Construction - Mike Hall
Stage Manager - Patti Kasper
Stage Crew - Fred Hadley
Sound - Mike Hall
Lighting - Marty Limmer
Leo Gomez
Program - Glen Hamilton
Concessions - Marcia Hayes
Tickets - Theresa Berry
House Manager - Marlene Guy
Make-Up - Mitzi Becker
Tammy Ankney
Sally Orkowski

Produced by special arrangement with
Popular Play Services
PO BOX 1206
Woodbury, CT 06798