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Pseudolus whose only wish is to buy his freedom from his master’s parents, the henpecked Senex and his dominating wife Domina. When he finds out that his master, Senex’s handsome but dim son Hero, has fallen in love with Philia, a beautiful virgin courtesan from the house of procurer Marcus Lycus next door, Pseudolus makes a deal: he will get the girl for Hero in return for his freedom. Unfortunately, the virgin has been sold to the great Roman soldier, Captain Miles Gloriosus, who even now is on his way to claim her as his bride. Pseudolus blackmails his overseer, Hysterium into masquerading as the corpse of Philia to fool the captain, but things go wrong at every turn.

Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart
Music by Stephen Sondheim
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Based on the plays of Plautus

Produced by Lisa Gordon
Directed by Royce Wicks

Show Dates
March 30, 31, April 6, 7, 2001


Prologus, an Actor - Jim Shea
Rick Vaught
Senex, an old man - Rick Vaught
Domina, his wife - Kelly Tinney
Hero, their son - Jeff Hegarty
Hysterium, slave of Senex & Domina - Jim Mickey
Pseudolus, slave of Hero - Jim Shea
Erronius, an old man - Brian Dauer
Miles Gloriosus, a warrior - Tom Hage
Lycus, a buyer and seller of courtesans - Eric Collier
Tintinabula, a courtesan - Karen Keaton
The Geminae, courtesans - Heidi Shea
Valerie Spangler
Vibrata, a courtesan - Tracy Wicks
Gymnasia, a courtesan - Amanda Stanford
Philia, a virgin - Ellie Kanipe
The Proteans - Don Dauer
Jerry Dauer
Kevin Harrington
Director - Michael Gordon
Clarinet/Tenor Sax - Dave Roemer
Trumpet - Fred Mahler
Trombone - Larry Twitchell
Bass Guitar - Aaron Wicks
Drums - Ray Woods
Piano - Jean McCready
Production Team
Stage Manager - Greg Szabo
Stage Crew - Kim Szabo
Brandon Butler
Set Design - Royce Wicks
Set Construction - Mike Gordon
Mike Hall
Donna Hall
Props - Lisa Gordon
Carol Foley
Sound - Glen Hamilton
Bob Stausmire
Program - Glen Hamilton
Lights - Marty Limmer
Jim Lorenzen
Spotlight - Karen Lewis
Julie Santos
Makeup - Heidi Shea
Tracy Wicks
Lisa Gordon
Karen Lewis
Publicity - Carolyn Fox
House Manager - Patti Kasper
Costumes - Kostumes Jnc.
Tickets - Roxie Mlynek
Concessions -  Marcia Hayes