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The rocking sixties musical soap opera takes us into a Laundromat where Cindy has just received some devastating news from Mr. Postman. Among other things she has been dumped by her pen-pal boyfriend for someone who has better penmanship. She becomes depressed and tries ’suicide by laundry’ using various laundry items. She has just created a noose with a pair of petal pushers and attached it to the agitator of a machine. Enter Dee Dee and Marge as Cindy is being sucked into the machine ... thinking Cindy is creating some crazy new dance they begin singing and dancing The Locomotion. Crazy fun ensues as they try to convince Cindy that life is worth living and not to give up...

Created and Written by Melinda Gilb, Steve Gunderson and Bryan Scott
Music and vocal arrangements by Steve Gunderson

Produced by Ron Davis
Directed by Pam Williams
Music Director Pam Williams
Choreographer Pam Williams

Show Dates
April 16, 17, 23, 24, 2004
Curtain Time 8:00 P.M.

April 25, 2004
Curtain Time 3:00 P.M.


Cindy - Sarah Jambor
Dee Dee - Pam Williams
Marge - Wendy Deal
Washer Repairman - Mike Gordon
Postman - Mike Gordon
Johnny Angel - Mike Gordon
Mrs. Halo - Mike Gordon
Mr. Right - Mike Gordon
Milt Dudman - Mike Gordon
Keyboard - Deb Wlordarski
Percussion - Will Kinsey
Bass - Erv Hughes
Production Team
Stage Manager - Don Dauer
Costumes - Marla Adams
Set Design - Glen Hamilton
Pam Williams
Set Construction - Glen Hsmilton
John F Stvartak
Dave Newman
Set Decoration - Bob Stucker
Set Painting - Crew
Technical Advisor - Bob Stucker
Sound - Bob Stausmire
Ed Rodriguez
Props - Carol Foley
Program - Kevin Harrington
Glen Hamilton
Lights - Bob Stucker
Jeff Hegarty
Spotlights - Brian Joyce
Kevin Harrington
Publicity - Carolyn Fox
Tickets - Roxie Mlynek
House Manager - Patti Kasper
Concessions - Marcia Hayes
Sharon Newton

Produced by special arrangement with
Brent Peek Productions
In New York