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Honk Jr. is a contemporary re-telling of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic story, The Ugly Duckling. Ugly, whose odd, gawky looks instantly incite prejudice from his family and neighbors is separated from the farm and pursued by a hungry Cat. Through his rollicking and harrowing journey kids learn that being different is okay, and that somewhere out there, someone’s going to love you - warts and all!

Book and lyrics by Anthony Drewe

Produced by Glen Hamilton and Marlene Guy
Directed by Brett Bowling
Assistant Director Patti Kasper
Music Directed by Dan Keller
Choreographer Anna McLaughlin

Show Dates
July 26, 27, 28, 2007
Curtain Time 7:00 P.M.


Ugly - Todd Kiewer
Ida - Rachel Reed
Drake - Doug Jensen
Beaky - Ethan Bowling
Fluff - Mackenzie Wells
Billy - Hanna Carr
Downy - Carly Gardull
Maureen - Jillian Harrington
The Cat - Alexandria Sneed
The Turkey - Tessa Stahl
Henrietta - Allie Hales
Greylad - Jacob Lynn
Dot - Courtney Yard
Barnacles - Siddy Stahl
Snowy - Mackenzie Schinharl
Pinkfoot - Taylor Daniel
Grace - Alana Snow
Bullfrog - Connor Reinholt
Father Swan - Garret Pelz
Mother Swan - Megan Ladd
Penny - Kaitlynn Hammond
Bewick - Timothy Lynn
Jay Bird - Randy Ulinski
Farmer’s Voice - Garrett Pelz
Girl’s Voice - Morgon Susor
Boy’s Voice - Brandon Rodriquez
Froglet - Regan Shull
Blizzard Spirit - Amethyst Floyd
Rooster - Ben Richards
Chickie 1 - Nicole Badik
Chickie 2 - Angela Moore
Mandarin - Brandon Rodriguez
Camera Bird - Anna Wagner
Boom Operator - Megan Jones
Tadpoles - Anna Wagner
Ben Righards
Brandon Rogriguez
Emily Schultz
Haley McGee
Jacob Lynn
Madeline Sneed
Mallory Ladd
Randy Ulinski
Samantha Gardull
Shannon Hitch
Taylor Henegar
Blizzard Ballet Girls - Jillian Keller
Karli Sassor
Nicole Badik
Taylor Daniel
Duckyard Chicken Family - Anna Wagner
Callie Fischhaber
Garrett Pelz
Hailey McGee
Hannah Alanis
Jillian Keller
Jocelyn Dopp
Duckyard Quail Family - Allysa Lambrecht
Amethyst Floyd
Connor Rheinbolt
Kanna Sassor
Karlie Sassor
Madline Sneed
Mallory Ladd
Morgon Susor
Sara Ulinski
Hold Your Head Up High Dancers - Abigail Deehr
Amethyst Floyd
Haley McGee
Haley Reindel
Hannah Alanis
Kaitlynn Hammond
Mallory Ladd
Megan Jones
Megan Ladd
Morgan Susor
Greylag’s Squadron - Abigail Deehr
Alissa Hanthron
Allison Susor
Ben Richards
Brandon Rodriguez
Callie Fischhaber
Ethan Bowling
Garrett Pelz
Haley Reindel
Hannah Alanis
Jillian Keller
Jocelyn Dopp
Kanna Sassor
Karli Sassor
Randy Ulinski
Duckyard Goose Family - Allison Susor
Emilie Schultz
Haley Reindel
Kaitlynn Hammond
Mackenzie Hitch
Megan Ladd
Randy Ulinski
Taylor Henegar
Production Team
Stage Manager - Ann Sommers
Costumes - Leah Smith
Lighting Design - Kevin Harrington
Lights - Kevin Harrington
Follow Spot - Bridget Harrington
Sound - Ed Rodriguez
Keith Klewer
Stage Crew - Dale Pelz
Diane Pelz
Josh Treen
Justin Yard
Michelle Pelz
Patrick Boyer
Set Design - Brett Bowling
Set Construction - Brett Bowling
Ed Rodriguez
Justin Yard
Ken Ankele
Thom Sneed
Tim Yard
Set Painting/Tech - Alex Sneed
Allie Hales
Amtheyst Floyd
Angela Moore
Becca Lynn
Brandon Rodriquez
Connor Rhienbolt
Courtney Yard
Doug Jensen
Ethan Bowling
Garrett Pelz
Hanna Alaniz
Jacob Lynn
Jillian Harrington
Kaitlynn Hammonds
Mackenzie Wells
Maddie McGee
Rachel Reed
Randy Ulinski
Sara Ulinski
Taylor Daniel
Tim Lynn
Tickets - Kathy Kiewer
Make-Up - Kathy Bowling
Marlene Guy
Concessions - Marcia Hayes
House Manager - Patti Kasper
Program - Kevin Harrington
Wishes - Kathy Klewer
Cast Party - Barbara Lynn