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The Oregon Community Theatre and St. Mark Lutheran Church are again partnering to bring to the stage an original musical comedy/drama for this Christmas season.

"I Can't Wait For Christmas" follows the lives of David and Ashley Johnson and their six children during the week before Christmas. The family is consumed with all the secular preparations for Christmas, and like many families today, is over-extended and over-committed. Through a series of chance encounters and events, the family comes to realize the true meaning of the Christmas season.

Written and composed by Keith Klewer, the show uses humor and a variety of music to remind the audience to focus on priorities which last. This is the second musical partnership between the Oregon Community Theatre and St. Mark Lutheran Church. In 2009, Mr. Klewer's original work "The Spirit In Us" was performed at the theatre.

Book, Lyrics and Music by Keith Klewer

Producers: Ron Davis and Cathy Klewer
Director: Beth Giller

Choreographer: Heather Klatt
Conductor: Tony Zigray

Show Dates
December 12, 13, 2014
Curtain Time 7:30 P.M.

December 14, 2014
Curtain Time 3:00 P.M.


Amy Johnson - Adrian Pusey
Ashley Johnson - Dawn Yard
Bell Ringer 1 - Devin Bader
Bell Ringer 2 - Heather Roecker
David Johnson - Mark Taylor
Dr. Edwards - Glen Hamilton
Female Shopper 1 - Joyce Smith
Female Shopper 2 - Cathy Klewer
Female Shopper 3 - Jodie Bader
Grandpa - Ron Davis
Hannah Johnson - Katie Giller
Jake Johnson - Josh Kramer
Lucas Johnson - Adam Buck
Male Shopper 1 - Reed Reamsnyder
Male Shopper 2 - Dan Rosenberger
Male Shopper 3 - Tom Susor Sr.
Mark Jacobs - Patrick Boyer
Mia Johnson - Amy Bader
Nick - Devin Bader
Nicki Altmier - Hannah Buck
Nurse Lewton - Carol Kinsel
Pastor Roberts - Devin Bader
Santa - Bill Schweizer
Zoe Johnson - Solana Fry
Chorus - Jadin Bader
Katie Clark
Jeff Dunlap
Anna Giller
Tammy Halay
Cathy Klewer
Kody Kramer
Katie Livecchi
Diane Lorenzen
Dianna Reamsnyder
Claire Rockicki-Counterman
Faith Schweizer
Joyce Smith
Bethany Williams
Kayley Wolfe
Bass - Don Beyer
Drums - Keith Klewer
Guitar - A.J. Tscherne
Keyboard - Neil Powell
Piano - Cheryl Dunlap
Production Team
Rehearsal Pianists - Cheryl Dunlap
Tony Zsigray
Costumes - Joy Roecker
Stage Managers - Cheryl Cuprys
Madalyn Sneed
Lighting Design - Marty Limmer
Sound Design - Tim Yard
Sound - Jen Bonnice
Ruthie Bonnice
Tim Yard
Set Design - Keith Klewer
Set Construction - Ron Davis
Jeff Dunlap
Glen Hamilton
Nancy Ice
Keith Klewer
Todd Klewer
Lil Lagger
Maureen Maag
Reed K.Steele
John Stvartak
Patrick Winslow
Set Decorating - Joy Roecker
Dawn Yard
Props - Roxie Mlynek
Kelda Vernatter
Dawn Yard
Logo Design - Jessica Will Designs, New York
Advertising - Nancy Ice
Program Editor - Tim Yard
Tickets - Brenda Holdren
House Manager - Kelda Vernatter
Concessions - Marcia Hayes & Co

Produced by special arrangement with
The Author
Keith Klewer