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Once upon a time, there were four guys (Sparky, Smudge, Jinx and Frankie) who discovered they shared a love for music, and then got together to become their idols - The Four Freshman, The Hi-Lo's and The Crew Cuts. Rehearsing in the basement of Smudge's family's plumbing supply company they became "Forever Plaid". On the way to their first big gig, the "Plaids" are slammed broadside by a school bus and killed instantly. It is at this moment when their careers and lives end, that the story of Forever Plaid begins....

Book by Stuart Ross
Musical Continuity Supervision and Arrangements by James Raitt

Producer: Robert Mullens
Director: Ann Sommers
Musical Director: Elizabeth Gibson
Choreographers: Amy Carpenter and Ann Sommers

Show Dates
April 21, 22, 28, 29, 2017
Curtain Time 8:00 P.M.

April 23, 2017
Curtain Time 3:00 P.M.


Sparky - Dave Bensch
Frankie - Patrick Boyer
Usherette - Amy Carpenter
Announcer/Voiceover - Ron Davis
Jinx - Trent Dorner
Union Pianist - Gabriel Hagedorn
Smudge - Robert Holdren
Bass - Tom Ritter
Drums - Tom Montgomery
Production Team
Rehearsal Accompanist - Gabriel Hagedorn
Stage Manager - Amy Carpenter
Assistant Stage Manager - Maureen Truffin
Set Design - Ann Sommers
Costume Coordinator - Denise Adams
Costumes - Ann Sommers
Lois Sommers
Dinner Jackets Provided By - National Tuxedo Rental
Lighting Design - Marty Limmer
Lighting - Kevin Harrington
Marty Limmer
Follow Spots - Cindy Fennewald
Reed K. Steele
Sound Design - Keith Klewer
Sound - Jen Bonnice
Rutihe Bonnice
Keith Klewer
Make-Up - Cast
Set Construction/Painting - Lori Bee
Amy Carpenter
Steve Carpenter
Don Dauer
Ann Sommers
Reed Steele
Stage Crew - Kaylee Veler
Props - Donna Hall
Tickets - Brenda Holdren
Concessions - Marcia Hayes
Program Editor - Tim Yard
Publicity - Amy Heuring
First Nighter Appreciation - Dianne Davis
Photographer - Tonia Halay