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Don’t Hug Me, We’re Married takes place in a small north woods bar in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota. Gunner and Clara Johnson are owners of the bar, they’ve been married “a long time,” the romance has left the marriage, and Clara would like to get it back. When Gunner finds a pamphlet that Clara was hiding for “Divorce Fantasy Camp,” he realizes he needs to do something to convince his wife he’s a good husband. At the same time, Bernice, the pretty waitress, gets engaged to Aarvid, a karaoke salesman. Gunner’s twin sister, Trigger comes to town and proposes to Kanute, the local business icon. It’s a double wedding. Will anyone get cold feet? Would someone try to derail the wedding? Will Clara go to Divorce Fantasy Camp? What could possibly go wrong?

Book and Lyrics by Phil Olson
Music by Paul Olson

Producer: Cathy Klewer
Director: Jody Bader
Music Director: Gabriel Hagedorn
Choreographer: Jadin Bader

Show Dates
April 20, 21, 27, 28, 2018
Curtain Time 8:00 P.M.

April 22, 2018
Curtain Time 3:00 P.M.

Gunner - Devin Bader
Trigger - Devin Bader
Aarvid - Dave Bensch
Bernice - Mackenzie Bensch
Kanute - Patrick Boyer
Clara - Tammy Halay
Production Team
Stage Managers - Amy Carpenter
Steve Carpenter
Set Design - Jody Bader
Set Construction/Painting - Lori Bee
Amy Carpenter
Steve Carpenter
Don Dauer
Ron Davis
Kevin Harrington
Renee Harrington
Dennis Holdren
Robert Holdren
Reed K Steele
Dawn Yard
Tim Yard
Set Dressing - Dawn Yard
Costumes - Jody Bader
Wig Master - Amy Carpenter
Stage Crew - Amy Bader
Amy Carpenter
Steve Carpenter
Lighting Design - Kevin Harrington
Lighting - Hans Giller
Kevin Harrington
Sound Design - Keith Klewer
Sound - Keith Klewer
Make-Up - Cast
Props - Dawn Yard
Tickets - Brenda Holdren
House Manager - Cheryl Goff
Concessions - Marlene Guy
Program Editor - Tim Yard
Publicity - Nancy Ice
First Nighter Appreciation - Diane Davis
Ron Davis
Photographer - Tonia Halay